Wednesday, January 31, 2007

So..finally Niraj wrote a poem. No, no, it wasn't the first time he did so..but then this is the first time for all record purposes. At the same time, at back of his mind comes few words..."they say I meddle and I meddle into everything...". Could it be the starting line of his first real poem ? Only God (oops!) knows....
Anyway, here he goes...(Dedicated to her)

I am waiting...
waiting for a dot of vermillion,
to appear on her forehead..
and no, it won't be my hand..
which make that blessed dot.

The red of vermillion
will redden her face...or will she blush.. I blush?
will I blush from my Shame.
Shame 'cause I will be the one,
who failed her
and one, who wouldn't bare his soul to her..

The red of vermillion
will remind me of my red dreams..
red with with romance...
and red with red "the stop sign".
stop, so as to save my soul from the shame
'cause it's naked
it's naked in the harem of world
where eveyone is bathing.....naked
and none of them are aware of this...
And I am such an ingorant..
who knows that he doesn't know
that he's naked....

The red of vermillion,
will remind me of the blood...
Blood that stains the bedsheet on that night.
...on that night of bliss.
Wish I could own the bedsheet, which you stained.
Wish I could....

[what a rot this guy is turning out to be!!!]


Blogger abhgupta said...

I read the first line
and I thought these were my words
I sat up straight
jerked out of my stupor
Took a trip through insanity
working out how my thoughts penned themselves

Visualizing my own story
My own her
My own vermillion
And my own sheet
My own red
And my own shame
My own nakedness
And my own wish

Lost in my wish
I went back to my haven
My escape
My release

But even that does not comfort me now
Since the words she said
And I woke up
Found myself at the end of Niraj's poem
And found a new nakedness. Not of us.
Only of me.

Wish I didn't...

3:46 AM  

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